The Lights Are Coming On

The Narrative Isn't Always Real

Stranger Things

Stranger things have happened, such as Winona Ryder’s role in the Netflix series by the same name and her real life connection to Timothy Leary and the West Memphis 3. The series Ryder stars in revolves around the government’s secret experiments on sensory deprivation, mind control, and telepathy on young children. Ryder is Timothy Leary’s real life Goddaughter, who was the premier pioneer in experimenting with psychedelic drugs to control and harness the human mind. Stranger still is that Ryder publicly came out in support of the release of the three men accused of killing three Memphis boys—the West Memphis 3—in a satanic attack in 1993. Talk about a conspiracy.

But nothing has compared to the strangeness of the sleeping giant of Americans who believe that government is anything but benign slowly coming out of their stupefied state and speaking out—all thanks to alternative news sources and shows such as “Stranger Things” that expose programs such as MK Ultra to the masses. And it means something. The lights are beginning to go on just as they did in the series. A cursory look at just three recent cultural and political phenomena—NFL ratings, Target shoppers, and The Donald—is proof in your pudding that the siesta is over. And for you “Stranger Things” fans such as myself, a reminder that just because you are told something is a fact, doesn’t make it so.

Let’s start with the “facts” swirling around the NFL and national anthem debate. The Wall Street Journal reports that NFL viewership has slumped by 10%, but the advertisement guys just can’t figure out why. “We’re scratching our heads,” said Andy Donchin, a media buyer at an ad buying arm of Dentsu Aegis Network, whose clients include heavy hitters such as General Motors. “We cannot pinpoint any specific reason why the numbers are down. It is probably being caused by a confluence of events.”

Um, Andy, the unpatriotic, in your face, display by spoiled NFL players refusing to stand for the national anthem might just have something to do with it. Taking a move from Obama’s playbook on fact denying, Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s head of media, when asked whether this was a contributing factor in the numbers said, “In all honesty, we don’t see any evidence of that.”  You can keep your doctor. You can keep your insurance.


And what of Target customers’ dissatisfaction with their transgender bathroom policy, particularly after 1.5 million Americans signed an oath to boycott Target? Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, admits sales have been bad after second quarter earnings reported a 10% drop but refuses to concede the massive boycott of Target had anything to do with it. “To date, we have not seen a material or measurable impact on our business. Just a handful of stores across the country have seen some activity and have been impacted.”


Oh those pesky facts again. But let’s take a look at them anyway. In August, Target reported that earnings fell 9.7 percent, from $753 million to $680 million. Sales were down 7.2 percent, from $17.4 billion to $16.2 billion, all in a one year period. Target’s stock fell 6.4 percent, from $75.48 to $70.63 per share.


Americans are boiling mad over the insane levels of political correctness, the targeting of police officers, being told they are racists, a government that lies to them, and a presidential nominee calling them deplorable. Then there’s the arrogance of people such as MSNBC reporter Robin Allen telling us—with a straight face—that Obama’s climate deal will stop storms like Hurricane Matthew. If you care about American people, want to eradicate illegal immigration, or own a gun, you are a disgrace.


Donald Trump’s rallies are a harbinger of the American mood. Jim Hoft, reporting for Gateway Pundit, crunched the numbers and concluded that Trump routinely draws crowds 10 times larger than Hillary. Just a day ago at a Trump event in Arizona, The Prescott Valley Tribune reported that up to 20,000 people were left outside a Trump rally. “There is some confusion over how many people were shut out of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump’s rally on Tuesday, Oct. 4. Trump said during his speech that he was told there were “15,000 to 20,000” of his supporters still outside the Prescott Valley Event Center,” with the actual numbers reportedly surprising even the Secret Service.

Despite these facts, the polls reported on by mainstream media routinely show Trump leading by a hair of just 2%. Fortunately, Americans just aren’t paying attention anymore to anything the media has to say. Trust in America’s Fifth Estate is at a record lows.

All of this to say that hard working Americans seem to be finding their voice. Let’s just hope the machinations of government control can be turned back. The levels of absolute corruption are so entrenched and run so deep that it is incumbent on all of us to remain actively vigilant in refuting fake facts, calling out corruption, and demanding that our laws be enforced .

But enough of the NFL and Target. Let’s talk again about the phenomenal MK Ultra Netflix series “Stranger Things.” A wildly popular series showcasing the absolute insanity of a government running amok. I can’t take credit for noticing any of this on my own, but the occult and mystical symbolism hidden in plain sight throughout the series can’t be coincidental and my fellow watchers out there were quick to pick up on it. They pointed out that 11, the name of the main character, is called El for short, one of the names of God, even sacrificing herself for the good of the others. The search for the gate/portal, the use of 33 and 7 throughout the series, and the reference to the upside down (so above, so below). However, the most fascinating fact for me was the connection between Winona Ryder and MK Ultra through her godfather Timothy Leary, which becomes even more meaningful in light of her involvement in the West Memphis 3. I don’t believe in coincidences. Enjoy the “conspiracy” video below, it will just make you love the series even more, just remember that the fight is real. Reign well.


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